Puppy Application  

       Prospective new families of puppies need to answer this questionnaire.  Please print, or copy.  Please be very thorough in your answers. Once the application is complete, you can mail it to : Sharon Blackburn, 1292 State Route 29, Celina, Ohio 45822 , scan it and e-mail it to: sblackburn@bright.net , or fax it to 419-942-2552.  Along with the application, there is a NONREFUNDABLE holding fee of $25.  This fee holds your spot in line for a puppy,  and allows me to know you are serious about adding a puppy to your family.  I accept US postal money orders, payment via PayPal (along with a 4% transaction fee), or cash, if paying in person.   Once the pups are born, and you've made your choice, a $300 NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required, along with the signed contract (look on the contract page).   Review the contract, and ask any questions you may have, prior to submitting the application. 

Name:                                                                         Date:

Phone #

E-mail address:

1. Where are you located?

2. Tell me about your family, including ages of family members.

3. How familiar are you with the Basset Hound breed?

4. How long have you been interested in getting a basset hound?

5. Why a basset hound instead of a different breed?

6. How did you find All Ears Bassets?

7. Do you have a fenced yard?

8. What pets do you presently have? 

      a. Are they current on all vaccines and vet checks? 

      b. Are they spayed or neutered?

9.  What pets have you had in the past, and what has happened to them?

10.  Do you intend to spay or neuter the pup?

11.  What is your preference on gender?

12.  What is your preference on color?

13.  Do you rent or own your home?  (If you rent, please provide a contact # for the landlord.)

14.  How long will the puppy be alone on any given day?

15. What accommodations will the puppy have, both while you are at home, and
 when you are away?

16. How substantial and secure is your income?  Along with all the typical care, shots, and vet checks, could you easily provide for an emergency?

17.  (______)  I have read the contract,  and agree to it's contents.
   Initial above)

Signature ____________________________________________

Thank you.  Feel free to add any comments or questions.

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Puppy Application

The price of a puppy is $1100