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Puppy Application

"All Ears" Bassets
 Sharon Blackburn                                                        "All Ears" Bassets
 1292 State Route 29                                                        419-942-1552             
 Celina,Ohio 45822                                                 www.allearsbassets.com                                                                                                       sblackburn@bright.net

                                                         Sales Contract  


I/we____________________________________________herein after known as
(BUYER (S) hereby certify and agree that on (date)__________________, 20__,
I/we purchased a basset hound puppy/dog from "All Ears" Bassets, Sharon Blackburn, herein after known as (SELLER) 
The following contract is between Sharon Blackburn (breeder/seller), and __________________________(buyer).  This contract is for the purchase of a Basset Hound puppy.   The purchase price of the puppy is $1600.00 (US dollars), of which $300.00  is a NONREFUNDABLE deposit to hold the pup. 
The deposit is included in the total purchase price.  Deposits need to be paid no later than one week after choosing a pup.  If not received,  the buyer then goes to the end of the waiting list, and the pup will be made available for adoption.  Buyer understands the deposit is a commitment to purchase said pup.  Buyer will forfeit deposit, and any ownership rights, if he/she no longer wants to make the purchase, or if FULL payment is not received by pick up date, or pick up of the pup is not within 5 days of availability date (unless prior arrangements are made.) 
Deposits can be made using a U.S. postal money order, cashier's check, via paypal (plus a 4%fee), or in person.

    I, Sharon Blackburn, certify that the above puppy has received it's first set of shots, been vet-checked, and has received regular wormings.  In the unlikely event that something should surface, I certify that any condition or abnormality, or any other issue found in the vet-check, is disclosed to the buyer.  Unless something is disclosed, I guarantee this is a healthy pup.

    I guarantee that this is a purebred Basset Hound, of purebred sire and dam.
I guarantee the sire and dam are in good health, and receive annual vet checks and appropriate vaccines.  No other guarantees, written or implied are given.

    The buyer will receive a shot record, at completion of the sales transaction, and the puppy will be released to the buyer. AKC or CKC registration applications will be mailed to the family once I receive proof of spay/neuter.  A copy of the vet paperwork will need to be sent to me.

Buyer, please initial in the area in front of the following statements.  Your initials serve as evidence that you understand, and will uphold the following:

______ The buyer will have 72 hours from pick up date (excluding weekends and holidays)  to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian.   If a severe, questionable condition should be found, (and written documentation is provided by the vet) you have the option of returning the puppy immediately, (AT BUYERS EXPENSE), and you will have the opportunity to pick a pup from any available pups, or be put on a waiting list for another pup.  NOTE: written documentation needs to be sent or faxed to the breeder/seller prior to this exchange.  It is at the breeders'/sellers'  discretion to offer a refund in lieu of a replacement pup.  If pup was not seen within the given timeframe, there WON'T be a refund, or option to choose another pup, so this is null and void.  Items NOT  included are: stress related issues that could be caused by the move, and from separation from litter mates, coccidia, giardia, UTI, minor heart murmurs, hernias, eye conditions, or behavioral issues.  This is NOT an all-inclusive list.  Each case will be judged on it's own merit.
______Buyers are responsible for any and all vet expenses and care for the pup after it is released to buyer.  Breeder/seller is NOT responsible for any medical or care related expenses once pup is released to the new family.   
______ The buyer agrees, that in the event that life circumstances no longer allow for proper care of the puppy/dog, or other circumstances, the puppy/dog will be returned to the seller, along with shot records, vet paperwork, and registration paperwork.  The puppy will be returned  in a manner which will not endanger the health or life of the puppy/dog.  The puppy/dog will be returned to seller WITHOUT a refund of any portion of the purchase price or application fee.  Puppy/dog will NOT be given away, sold, or otherwise disposed of.
 ______The buyer agrees that this basset hound puppy/dog will NOT be given away,  sold, taken to a  dog pound, shelter, pet store, or humane society, or disposed of.
______ The buyer agrees this puppy will be spayed/neutered at the appropriate age, but no later than 18 months of age, and will not be bred before the spay/neuter.  Once seller receives a copy of written confirmation of proof of spay/neuter, seller will send the AKC or CKC registration paperwork to the family. 

   Puppy pick up:  Once the pups are 8 weeks old, they are able to join your family.  If, for some reason, you need to extend that, I charge a fee of $10 a day for the care of your puppy, until pick up.  Also, if the pup is still here at 9 weeks old, the 9-week vaccines will be given, and that will be added to your balance.  FULL balance is required prior to, or, at pick up.  Final payment is CASH only!

_______I, (Buyer), agree to abide by all written herein.  Any and all legal action needed to ensure the above is complied with, will be filed in the residing state of the Breeder/Seller, presently:  The State of Ohio, Mercer County, who will govern ALL terms of this contract.   All fees associated with the suit will be paid for by the Buyer.




Phone:   ________________________________________________________

e-mail address-___________________________________________________

Signature: (Breeder/Seller)_______________________________________________
****I reserve the right to cancel this contract at any time, for any reason.******

NOTE:  A signed copy of this agreement/contract will be given to buyer upon release of puppy to him/her.

Buyers: Print a copy of this agreement, sign, and send with your deposit. *** Note: Make money orders or cashier's checks payable to: All Ears Bassets
The price of a puppy is $1600.