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         IVY    6/11/04  - 10/15/10
Ivy was a wonderful dog, and a great mama.  She was diagnosed with ocular cancer.
RIP Ivy, I love you!  Thanks for  bringing joy, and raising such wonderful babies.  You are missed.
      Sir Brutus Manley Blackburn (Brusky)
                         7/3/07 - 11/9/09
Brusky was the first male basset to join the "All Ears" family.  He and one of the other bassets were out in the back yard for their play time, when the other one opened the latch to the gate.  They both got out, and Brusky made it to the road, and was hit.
RIP Brusky-Thanks for your joy, your wonderful personality, and the beautiful babies you made.  I love you--you are missed!
          Sir Louie Blackburn
               9/5/05 - 3/11/10
Louie was a wonderful, gentle dog.
One day he twisted wrong, and his hind quarters became paralysed.
RIP Louie.  I love you, and you are missed.

                 Baby Girl 2/2/05 - 10/2010
Baby Girl was the first basset to join the family.  She had beautiful babies.  She developed what was apparently some kind of tumor.
RIP Baby Girl.  You were truly special and I will always love you.  You are missed.
Previous members of the "All Ears Bassets" family
This is a tribute to the loving, loyal companions that have been a part of the family, that have moved on, either to Rainbow Bridge, or to their new forever home.  When raising dogs and puppies, sometimes the day comes when a decision needs to be made about what is best for one of the family members.  Below is a brief explanation of what has come of those pictured.  Each holds a very special place in my heart, and each was a very important part of the family.  I find it only fitting to include this page in loving memory of their time spent here, and their contribution to my life.  Each one enriched my life.
        Tinkerbelle - DOB 8/29/09
Tinkerbelle is a wonderful dog.  She is presently with a family that has given her a forever home.  Although she was given the opportunity to be a mama, mother nature has other plans, and Tinkerbelle was unable to get pregnant.  In July, 2012, she was adopted.
She was with me since she was 7 weeks old,  and she is missed.  I'm thrilled she is now a family companion.
             Lizzy - DOB- 7/8/06
Lizzy has been retired from being a mama, and is now able to be a family pet, run on a ranch, and enjoy being puppy-free.  Thanks for being a part of "All Ears" Lizzy.  I love you!!!
           MAGGIE -DOB- 1/25/08
Maggie is no longer a member of the "All ears bassets" family.  She has been adopted by a wonderful family in Columbus, Ohio on Valentine's day 2012.  Maggie was not interested in being a mama, so she is now able to be a family companion instead.  Happy Valentine's day Maggie!
Scarlett -DOB 12/11/08
(2nd generation- daughter of Louie and Ivy)
Scarlett is now retired, and lives with her new family in HIghland Mi.   Scarlett was a wonderful mother, and great dog.  She is very happy with her new family.
2nd generation- Son of Brusky and Lizzy.  Buster is now retired, and living with the Fugate family.

Abby - DOB 1/9/08
Abby is retired and is now with her previous kennel mate - Buster.

                     Tylee - DOB - 7/1/11
 She developed a severe heart murmur, and is now retired.  She is with a wonderful family here in Ohio.
          Sir Kingsley Manley Blackburn
                  8/29/09 - 2/6/16
Kingsley was a wonderful, very loving, and happy dog.  He fathered many great offspring.  He just collapsed on Feb. 6th, after coming in from playing.  I had a necropsy done that revealed he had an aneurysm that took him very quickly.  
R.I.P. Kingsley.   Thanks for sharing your life with me, and the many families that have one of your gorgeous puppies.
Freckles, DOB 5/25/12 Joined the family on 10/25/14. She is an AKC European Basset.  She developed a hernia, and needed surgery.  She is now retired, and with a wonderful family.

 Lolly Pop, DOB 6/2/12 
2nd and 3rd generation Daughter of Scarlett and Buster.Grandaughter of Ivy/Louie, and Lizzy/Brusky.  She is now retired, and is a family companion.
Bell Star - DOB: 5/4/15. Bell is a 2nd/3rd generation basset in the family. Her mother is (retired) Daisy Mae, and her father is Jasper. Her grandparents are retired Abby and Buster.  Bell had some issues with her uterus so, she is now retired and with a wonderful family in Ky.
Cupid - DOB: 8/5/13.  Cupid was born here.  Her mother is retired Tylee, and her father is retired Buster.  Cupid is now retired and is a family companion to a loving family in Ohio.
Cinnamon - DOB: 6/10/13.  Cinnamon is now retired, and is with a family in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She is now with her daughter Gracie!

Ginger and Kiki joined the family on  4/26/19, but were here for only a short while. They both had a genetic defect of having extra teeth.  So, not wanting to pass that defect on to future generations, I had them spayed, and they were able to stay together and joined a wonderful family.
Gidget - DOB: 1/1/2018. Gidget is now retired, and living her best life with a wonderful family, and with one of her pups!
Jasper - DOB: 4/10/13.  He is retired, and went to live with a family in Indiana!
Ivy Lou and Poppy Sue are sisters who were born here on 12/6/2016.  Their mom was Lolly Pop, and their dad is Cody.  They are now retired and living together with a wonderful family in LaPorte, In.
Cody arrived here on 4/26/15.  His birthday was 9/5/14.
He had a short battle with cancer, and went to rainbow bridge on 10/5/2023.
Sweet Pea - DOB 7/9/18.
Sweet Pea is now retired, and is staying right here as a member of the Blackburn family.